The band of merry adventures

The epic was interesting
second part of glass works dungeon

This is a bit rough but hope it can help as a reminder. Feel free to change and/or add to it.

The valient party and the mighty Meepa enter a large room with many pits and find a three armed goblin. He was a nasty fellow that could throw up on the party with his nasty acidic bile. After a crazy battle where we all avoided falling into the pits the merry band of adventures vanquished the goblin champion Corvis. After defeating Corvis, Zon killed the many zombies in the pits with his mighty burst of god sent energy

they headed off the next passage way. They found this really cool room that had not seemed like it had no gravity. They floated around and Ari did a dance for a while. She would not be stopped.

Next area was a small room with a flying head and Penn killed it with one mighty swing. Ari asked Zar to bless the water so he pulled out his flask of oil and lit it on fire. Smoke filled the room and they all left the terrible mess behind.

The party came into a room with a alter with a wierd red liquid in it. Zon tries to break it then some of the “angry dead” rush into the room and attack the party. Zar after getting enraged has crazy fire come from all over his body but get stopped by one of the angry dead. The fire keeps flying around room for a little bit.

One of the "angry dead runs over to Penn and freezes him then rips his throat out. in a last ditch effort Zon quickly cast stabilize and stops the wound from bleeding. With much valor Meepa runs up and feeds Penn a potion of cure light wounds and brings penn back to consciousness. In Zon’s great knowledge he moves far enough away from the battle so he just heals Penn and not the monsters.

At this point of the battle a spider and a rat come into the room and all hell comes. Zar falls over and and finally gets up. Penn steps over and with Ari’s and Moridor’s help the vanquish the remaining monsters.

Now that the battle is done the party goes into the next room. It is a large room with a very powerful fire alter thing at the far end with a fountain in the middle of the room. Zar is fascinated by the alter and runs over to it. He messes with it and starts to empty it then goes berserk and runs over and attacks Meepa. Meepa escapes and the rest of the part tackles Zar until he is back from his weird rage.

Zon goes up to the fire and messes with it then Meepa goes up and sticks magic sword into it and another angry dead pops out of it. The part kills it quickly. Zon start to empty it again then a little four foot tall creature with wings that is very pretty appears and says stop. There is no space for talk so a fight ensues by the party cannot hurt it. Early in the fight the creature cast some sort of fear spell on the part and Zon, Mordir and Penn run away in terror. after this Ari does some awesome acrobatic to try to put it into her cloak but alas it does not work. In desperation Zar cast water right over her head and falls down to the ground. The part quickly runs over and grapples her and finally ties her up.

At this point the party has a long heated discussion with the creature. on a side note she has tongues cast on her. Finally after a long debate the party agrees to take it up the abbot of sand point and maybe to a more powerful wizard or cleric to banish her.

After bringing her up to the surface Ari put her into a large glass jar. The abbot takes a look at her and sends for a local sage to take a look at her. The sage comes and asks to talk to her. This is where the session stopped.

We know that the is a Quisat (forgive me for spelling it wrong.) I believe the sage was called brodet Quink but I might be wrong.

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